Liquid Beauty takes pride in delivering flawless results, so we invested in AccuVein’s innovative technology to ensure you receive the best possible care and are satisfied with the outcome of your procedure. Being able to see a map of your veins allow us to better navigate your specific anatomy to help minimize post-procedure bruising, reduce healing time, and improve your satisfaction with the procedure. When you undergo cosmetic injectable procedures such as neurotoxins or fillers, bruising can result from a vein being inadvertently nicked. It is impossible to avoid bruising 100% of the time, but with the AccuVein, we can avoid bruising most of the time.

In addition to offering the PRO-NOX to help alleviate pain and anxiety, vein visualization with the AccuVein is one more way we can help you take the worry out of your cosmetic procedure and one more way we strive to make your procedure the best it can be! We believe patient comfort is key to a good experience. And good experiences are what we strive to give each and every patient.

How does the AccuVein work?

Before beginning an injectable treatment, the AccuVein device is passed over the patient’s desired treatment area. The device emits a safe infrared light from two barcode-scanner lasers that is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood. As the hemoglobin absorbs the infrared light, the vessels and veins below the surface of the skin appear noticeably different than the surrounding tissue. This allows injectors to select injection sites that skillfully avoid the delicate blood vessels in the area. While AccuVein cannot eliminate instances of post-treatment altogether, it does decrease the chances of its occurrence.

AccuVein benefits include:

  • Minimize healing and reduce healing time
  • Helps injector locate veins in darker skin types
  • Helps with accurate blood draws for PRP procedures
  • Movement tolerant, can visualize veins even with the patient moving
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Improves patient satisfaction and comfort