Biostimulators Orange County

Biostimulators are an exciting group of products that can help reverse the changes associated with aging. As we age, we experience a change in facial fat distribution, bone structure, and skin laxity. While true fillers are gel implants that are used to restore youthfulness, biostimulators actually stimulate the body to create more collagen in areas that is injected. Radiesse and Bellafill are both filler implants, as well as biostimulators. Their biostimulatory effects increase the longevity of your results as your body continues to produce more collagen over time. Sculptra is not a true filler, its main mechanism of action is only biostimulatory. With Sculptra, there is no implant that sits in your skin. Instead, the product simply stimulates your collagen production over time.

Biostimulators can be used to:

Reduce or eliminate wrinkles
Raise scar depressions
Replace soft-tissue volume loss
Contour the nose, jaw, cheeks, and chin
Volumize areas of facial hollowness
Lift sagging midface
Volumize and reshape buttocks
Improve thin crepey skin on the arms, thighs, knees, neck, and chest

Biostimulators offered include:


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