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Juvederm Dermal Filler Orange County

As we age, our faces will start to lose its youthful volume and fullness. Wrinkles and folds start to appear. If your face has been experiencing the unwanted effects of time and age, then a dermal filler like Juvederm can help take years off of your face!

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is an injectable dermal filler composed of a smooth hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that naturally already exists in the human body. It is found within the cells of our muscles, skin, and tendons. Hyaluronic acid acts like a sponge- it loves to bind with water molecules, effectively “absorbing” water. Younger people have higher levels of hyaluronic acid in their bodies, which is what gives them a youthful, hydrated, and full look. With the aging process, levels of hyaluronic acid decrease, facial fat distribution changes, and bone structure changes. This causes the formation of wrinkles and hollowness in the face.

Juvederm is a great way to restore facial volume and visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and folds on the face non-surgically. Juvederm can be used in a variety of ways. Some of the more common areas Juvederm is used is in the smiles lines around the nose, lower face, and lips.

What is the difference between Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus?

Both Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus are approved to last up to a year, but the average duration that patients usually see is about 6 months. It is important to note that this is just an average, some patients may experience a short duration such as 2-3 months, and others may see it lasts up to a year! The duration also depends on the area the Juvederm is placed. Areas with a lot of movement are going to break down faster than areas that hardly ever move. Ultra Plus has more projection and is thicker than Ultra.

Which Juvederm is better for the lips?

Every provider has their own product preferences for the lips. Julianne Trinh, N.P.  or John Del Rossi, PA will listen to your concerns and explore what kind of lip enhancement you are looking for, and give you appropriate options to choose from. In general, if you are looking for something soft and natural, Ultra may be a better choice for you. If you want a more noticeable pout with more projection, you may prefer the Ultra Plus. If you already have full lips, we may recommend you to go with the Ultra Plus because it just takes more to be able to see a difference because fuller lips have more surface area. Other choices for the lips include Restylane, Vollure, or Volbella.

Does Lip Augmentation Hurt?

We provide the very best numbing cream to make your experience comfortable. Please be sure you arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to allow ample time to numb. Most patients report they hardly feel any pain, or minor pricking with the injections. If you are particularly anxious about the pain, you do have the option of using Pronox during your treatment to ease your fears and provide an additional level of comfort.

Why should I choose Liquid Beauty for my dermal filler treatments?

There are several key benefits that come with choosing Julianne Trinh, N.P. and John Del Rossi, PA for your dermal filler treatments:

Top Account Status: Liquid Beauty is one of Allergan’s top 250 accounts in the nation. We are also at the Presidential Associate’s level with Galderma. Why is this so important? This achievement is a reflection of our high industry standards. When you choose a practice that has the distinction of being one of the top accounts in the nation, you are choosing a practice that guarantees its products are genuinely authentic, fresh, and potent. Liquid Beauty achieves this top distinction year after year based on the sheer volume of products ordered every week. 

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our patients know we go out of our way to make sure everyone is 100% happy. If you aren’t, simply let us know and we will make it right for you. At Liquid Beauty, we aren’t here to nickel and dime you. We are here to build our relationship with you and be your beauty partner for years to come. While we cannot guarantee that everything will be 100% perfect since aesthetic procedures involve so many moving parts that is not completely under our control, we CAN guarantee that if you aren’t 100% happy, simply let us know and we will do what it takes to make you happy!  We encourage open communication and honest feedback so we can be the best we can be FOR YOU.

**Touch-ups for asymmetries or for correcting irregularities are complimentary, but must be received within 3 weeks of service. Touch-ups for insufficient amount of product are not complimentary since it is impossible to predict with 100% accuracy how much each person needs or desires.**

Investment Into Patient Technologies: We care about your safety and comfort so we have invested thousands of dollars into technologies that make your experience better. We have the Accuvein, which helps us detect vessels and decrease bruising. We also offer Pronox (laughing gas) for anxiety and pain.

Top Ranked by Google and Yelp: Read our Yelp and Google reviews and browse our before and after pics! A picture is worth a thousand words so we work really hard to curate our photo gallery for you to showcase our work. We are also top notch in customer service because we genuinely care about our patients and deliver on results.

Experience and Expertise: There is no substitute for experience and artistic talent. Both John and Nurse Juls have over a decade of experience, you can trust that they will deliver the results you desire. Both are continuously investing in themselves by going to conferences and classes to learn advanced injection techniques from renowned experts from around the world. This ensures that they can be the best injector they can be FOR YOU!

Media Recognition: Liquid Beauty has won numerous accolades from the media ever since opening its doors in 2016. Locale Magazine voted Liquid Beauty one of the top 5 medspas in Orange County in 2017. We were also nominated for top injector by Real Self. For 6 years in a row, Liquid Beauty has won the distinction of being the best medspa in Huntington Beach from 2017-2022 from the Huntington Beach Award Program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Juvederm Ultra is $650 a syringe, and $425 for 1/2 syringe. Juvederm Ultra Plus is $650 a syringe
It really depends on what how big you want your lips to be, and what kind of lips you start off with. The bigger your lips, the bigger the surface area. Thus, you would need more product in order to see a more noticeable difference. For example, 1 syringe in Kate Beckinsale's lips would look more noticeable than 1 syringe in Angelina Jolie. In general, 1 syringe is enough to lay down the foundation and smooth out lip lines and make things look a little plumper, but it usually does not produce a huge noticeable difference in size. To achieve a more noticeable difference, it normally takes at least 2 syringes, if not more.

It's very rare that we have a patient that does not like their fuller lips. But it's understandable that it may happen when you begin to experiment with changing your appearance. Not to worry, if you decide bigger lips are not for you, just let us know and we can dissolve it with a special medicine and your lips will return to normal within 1-2 days. We, do, however, advise you to try to wait at least 2 weeks though and try not to make a premature judgement about your lips until everything has settled.

Two weeks prior to your treatment, discontinue taking aspirin, ibuprofen, or fish oil. (Note: If your personal physician prescribed aspirin to you, do not discontinue without his/her approval). Taking arnica orally for a week before and after the treatment can also help decrease bruising. Our office also sells Vitamin K cream to decrease bruising after the treatment. Ice 10 minutes on/off for the first 24 hours to help with swelling.

The lips will swell the first few days. This is completely normal. It will normally be bigger in the morning upon awakening because everything has pooled while you were laying down all night long. After going about your day, the swelling will improve as gravity helps pull the swelling down. The possibility of having an allergic reaction to Juvederm is very rare, but if you are having difficulty breathing call 911 immediately.

Don't expect to walk out of the office looking perfect. Things may look or feel uneven or bumpy. This is normal because we just injected you and swelling and bruising can skew the results. It takes 2 weeks for things to settle. Oftentimes patients will call in panic about little bumps that they see in the first week, but by the time they come to see us for the follow-up, the bumps have resolved. If there are any areas of concerns after 2 weeks, come back so we can make sure you are as perfect as can be!

We believe in the less is more and slow is best approach. The more fillers you do at once, the more swollen you will get and the more likely you will have issues such as bumps or bumps or inadvertent migration. By doing the lips in stages, your lip skin will have a chance to stretch out and accommodate more filler. We normally recommend doing half syringe - one syringe at 4 weeks intervals to grow your lips.

Ice 10 minutes on and off for the first 24 hours to minimize bruising and swelling.

To minimize the risk of getting bumps after lip augmentation, we ask that you refrain from making out or drinking out of a straw for a week, as excessive movements of the mouth may cause the product to migrate and form bumps.
There are a few important concerns when it comes to the lips. One is symmetry and the other is shape. Both are predetermined by what you are born with. Most patients have asymmetrical lips. There is usually one short higher side and one longer skinnier side. When we do your lips, we will make adjustments and bring them closer to symmetry but it will never be perfectly symmetrical. We cannot change the shape of your lips. We can enhance certain physical attributes of your lips to a certain degree, but we cannot take someone with a sharp cupid's bows and turn it into a fat and round cupid's bow.