Oh how I love Instagram. Back in the days when I was a teen, learning how to put on makeup was something that you had to learn from your mom. Or a book. And if your mom did not wear makeup then you were really out of luck (as in my case). I have to admit, my makeup game has really improved over the years thanks to videos tutorials from amazing Instagram makeup artists. Here are some of the top makeup artists and their tips to get your to look flawless every single time, courtesy of NewBeauty magazine.

1Make shimmery shadow really shine with setting spray

To help make shimmery eye shadow colors even more amplified, spritz your makeup brush with all-day setting spray before dipping into your shadow. When the brush is slightly damp, it will grab the shimmer better and help it shine and stay put, instead of ending up everywhere on your face.

2Fix makeup mistakes with cactus water

Cactus water on a q-tip works wonders for any makeup mistakes, including eyeliner, brow, and lipstick mistakes.

3Tight lining

Most people know about lining the upper lashes with eyeliner. But did you know that tight lining, which involves lining the area right under the upper eye lashes, will make your lashes even fuller?

4Squish your eyes together

To get that edgy “done but undone makeup look” (think Kate Moss), use a very pigmented black kohl pencil to line the inner water lines on the top and bottom of your lashes. Then, squint and squish your eyes to get that natural bleed. Clean up and soften the smudged makeup with a Q-tip.”

5Use two types of highlighter

Use two types of highlighter—a cream first then a powder—to get skin that gleams and glows. The combination really makes the highlighter stand out

6Mist your brushes with rosewater

One way to make sure your skin looks good is to lightly saturate the bristles of your makeup brush with a rosewater tonic and then apply foundation. If you want your skin to have a bit more glow, add a drop of argan oil. Buffing the foundation into the skin with a brush infused with rosewater creates a natural, healthy glow and amazing coverage.”

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Over the years in my practice, the number of women requesting lip augmentation with fillers have increased exponentially. Many factors contribute to this increased demand. First, the popularity of models and celebrities on social media flaunting their lips, clothes, hair, and makeup drive consumer interest to achieve a higher level of beauty. Kylie Jenner’s lip transformation over the years sparked what I now call the Lip Revolution. It has made young women realize that they can enhance their beauty and embrace it. Since the Lip Revolution, practically every young female patient I have shows me pictures of popular Instagram models and demand lips like theirs.

As more and more people are inundated with pictures of augmented sexy pouts, it becomes more of the “norm” and more readily accepted in our pop culture. When I started injected more than a decade ago, most people kept their Botox and filler injections a secret from family and friends. It was something they were embarrassed to talk about. Nowadays, it’s so widely common and accepted that people love to share and talk about their injections.

Recently, the FDA granted approval to Allergan  for Volbella. Volbella is a lip filler that lasts up to a year, looks natural, and feels soft!  Volbella is a true game changer for lip augmentation. 

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